Happy Birthday, PF Lab! Mode 2.

How do you foster employee-driven innovation, when all your talents and resources are absorbed in huge and essential projects to secure the company's future? Here's PostFinance's approach in "Mode 2" and the role of their PostFinance Innovation Lab (PF Lab). Here's their story. Let's celebrate... Continue Reading →

Fire Everyone! Big Bang Theory.

Google, Apple, Netflix (the usual suspects) manage to hire the greatest talent. Occasionally, when I discuss options to boost an organisation's innovation capability this one comes up: Fire everyone! Hire the best. Here's my take on this: it's a dumb theory. Fire and... Continue Reading →

At the Core of Agile. Limited WIP.

Agile is everywhere, and anything nowadays - it seems. At the core it's about limiting your Work-in-Progress (WIP). And, it's not "just fumbling forward without a plan". Let's take a look at the differences between "robust", "lean", and "agile". And,... Continue Reading →

Lean Office. Get Intimate.

In modern Service Companies up to 40% of the work time is wasted on activities that do not add value. "Lean" has thus reached the Office - but has a hard time getting traction. Also, because of the most intimate zone at... Continue Reading →

Know your 3 Brains. Amygdala.

When we say "Continuous Improvements" we also mean "Small Improvements". Keeping it SMALL is key to innovate BIG. Because, as I am just learning, we have 3 brains. Really! Here's some neuro-scientific basics every manager could use when it comes to leading human beings. In... Continue Reading →

Sleep-deprived? Cheers.

I pride myself of being able to work long hours, day after day; to be really good at managing many tasks; and I've had my fair share of short nights. Here is why I probably performed like a drunk, joint-smoking, hour-puncher.... Continue Reading →

Value Stream Optimization. Marco the Mechanic.

  Swisscom's continuous improvement activities have been bundled under the brand IMPROVE. Together they assure the implementation of 3'000 ideas per year, with a benefit of 30 MCHF annually. It's the result of hands-on guys like Marco. To take it to the... Continue Reading →

Scandinavia. LUDENSFABER GmbH.

I am now the Founder and CEO of LUDENSFABER GmbH. Here's a behind-the-scenes look. Come along and see what I have done and learned in my first 10 weeks, applying some of the practices posted in recent blog posts. My friends saw... Continue Reading →

Flammogramm. Fire up your Cultural Transformation.

It's easy to get enthusiastic about Kaizen or Continuous Improvement. But how do you keep the teams active past that first peak of improvement ideas? How do you keep track of what is going on? Here's a hands-on approach using fire,... Continue Reading →

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